Lately, we at Global Locksmith, LLC are hearing and reading a lot of posts or rumors, that certain criminals have the ability to intercept or receive the code for your car’s remote control.

These thieves can steal your remote control’s code, while you use your remote control to lock or unlock the doors of your vehicle. With that code in hand, these criminals can duplicate your code onto a new remote control or transmit it through a relay box and use it to unlock your vehicle when you are not around.

While we at Global Locksmith, LLC can’t say for sure if that is 100% accurate or not, that is possible and probably true. However, we can defiantly say that one of the solutions that were given in those articles or posts, about how to lock your car is WRONG. Also, if you will follow that wrong advice, you will spend unnecessary money someday.

The solution they offer is this, when you want to lock your vehicle but afraid that your code will be stolen, you should use the electric or manual lock in driver’s side door, and then shut the door. And we at Global Locksmith, LLC say NO NO NO!! If you suspect that you are about to give away your remote control’s code, then the only smart and safe solution, is to use your key to lock the vehicle from OUTSIDE!!! Thus, you will make sure that you have your keys with you and not locked in the vehicle, and your remote control’s code will stay safe.

Besides, that lock in the driver’s side door, will appreciate the exercise from time to time so use it.

Another good solution that was suggested by Mark Silvester, from the West Midlands Police crime reduction team is to fully cover the steering wheel with a Thatcham-approved steering lock (Amazon )Mark Silvester’s suggestion appeared in an article written on November 27, 2017 in the telegraph newspaper by Mark Molloy.

In conclusion, REMEMBER, if for any reason you cannot use your remote control, or you simply do not want to, then use your car key.

DO NOT lock the door from the inside using the lock button, otherwise, at some point you will need a locksmith to unlock your car and get your keys out.

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