Need a locksmith?

There is nothing more frustrating, than being locked out of your house or vehicle.
Whether you left the keys inside the house or in the car, that feeling of helplessness appears at once.
The good news is, that you have someone just a phone call away to help you out! In this situation, you can call a locksmith.

What is a locksmith you ask?

Here at Global Locksmith, LLC our locksmiths are professionals, whose job is to deal with any application with a locking mechanism on it, whether it’s a home, a business or a vehicle. From unlocking that door that locked on you, to changing the locks in your house for your safety, one of our locksmiths will be there to provide you with that service.

How do I find a Licensed and bonded locksmith?

Because of their jobs, Locksmiths are getting permission to enter the most secure and safe place in our lives- our HOME. If not for our homes, they are there for our cars, which is our main transportation.
Locksmiths are also there for our business, where we spent so much time and money to build for our future.
Being around our most valuable possessions, requires locksmiths to be honest and to do their job with integrity, and with good intentions.
These Locksmiths must have a license in some states, otherwise it is illegal for them to work and perform jobs as a locksmith.
Texas is one of the states that require a locksmith to have a license.
Sadly, there are many that are working with no license still.
It is YOUR job as the customer, to make sure you are hiring a REAL locksmith with a valid license.
You can ask the Locksmith that is coming to provide you the service, to show his license upon arrival or at any time.
Most Locksmiths will have their car marked in some way.
Usually with the company’s logo, name, phone number and license number.
It is possible for a locksmith to come in an unmarked car, but that will just give you another reason to ask for that Locksmith license.
When making the phone call initially, make sure you are not just talking to a call center, that will dispatch a locksmith they don’t employ or know.
Some call centers do not employ their own locksmiths, they hire other locksmith companies, thus making it hard to know exactly who you are calling out to provide service.

We at Global Locksmith, LLC are Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and professionally trained to handle all kinds of security requests for you.

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